Frequently Asked Questions

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Show it off! If you planned a build using GUNSTRUCTION and have the real world fruit of your labors in hand, do the right thing – share it! We encourage you to post it to your personal social media channels and on our Facebook wall. Be sure to tag us and the manufacturers involved so they know just how valuable their support of GUNSTRUCTION is!
So would we!

All the products featured in GUNSTRUCTION are officially licensed by the manufacturer. Over 100 such agreements are already in place and more join every month.

Please do let us know who you would like to see added. But more importantly, let THEM know! Nothing gets the attention of a manufacturer quite like folks that buy their products.

We won’t rest until every popular firearm platform is represented in GUNSTRUCTION.

Several factors influence our development roadmap when it comes to new platforms. Popularity, modularity, aftermarket support, and diversity are considered.

Let us know what you’d like to see and, if it is a particular brand / model (ex: SCAR, MPX, etc.), let the manufacturer know as well!

We thrive on your constructive criticism and take all suggestions seriously. This feedback helps guide and prioritize our development efforts. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts via Facebook (either message us or post to the wall) or email
We take pride in the quality and accuracy of GUNSTRUCTION, and welcome you to report any problems you might encounter.
Part inaccuracies, builder functionality problems, graphical glitches, crashes, and the like can all be reported via email to If you prefer, message us on Facebook. If you aren’t sure about the problem, feel free to post a screenshot and details to our Facebook wall for discussion.
Please choose the Clear Cache option on the main menu to correct this problem, which sometimes occurs after updates.
GUNSTRUCTION uses a sophisticated rendering engine to generate the real-time 3D imagery. Until recently web browsers didn’t provide any built-in support for 3D rendering, and we relied on a plug-in to add that capability. In late 2015 the major browser developers, led by Google’s Chrome, ended support for plug-in based content, citing security concerns. In order to continue supporting our browser based users GUNSTRUCTION was migrated to WebGL architecture for the web. While all the popular browsers supported WebGL at the time, none did it as well as the plugin we were forced to leave behind. WebGL support has improved greatly across the board in the years since we adopted it, but the overall user experience (performance and fidelity) is best on Firefox at this time.
In March of 2017 GUNSTRUCTION restructured its product line on iOS and Android devices. Multiple versions of the app on each platform (Lite, Regular, and HD) were replaced with one unified app that supports both phones and tablet devices. New app pricing was also introduced – FREE!

The FREE version of the app included all firearm platforms supported at the time – AR, AR308, R700. Prior to this pricing change each additional platform was unlocked with an in-app purchase. Subsequent and future platforms added to GUNSTRUCTION will be included at no additional charge to the user. As of August 2017 that includes AK and T22.

The only available in-app purchase that remains unlocks the paint mode, photo mode, and some “legacy” parts from manufacturers that are not currently partnered with GUNSTRUCTION.

You are likely using a branch of the app that is no longer supported. This could be the Lite, Standard upgraded from Lite, or the HD branches. All of those were replaced with a unified standard app starting with v4.6 released in March 2017.

Please delete your app and download / install the current version of GUNSTRUCTION from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Links are available on the download tab. Both apps are FREE.

Due to limitations of the app stores, previous in-app purchases will be lost in this transition. Have no fear – we’ll take care of you! For more information, please see the FAQ topic “I lost features that I paid for!”

For more information about this change in lineup and pricing, see the FAQ item “When, how, and why did the pricing change?”

No worries. We’ll take care of you.

If you upgraded the Lite edition or purchased the HD edition of GUNSTRUCTION prior to v4.6 you will lose some functionality when migrating to the Standard edition. Specifically, you won’t have access to the paint or photo modes, and some legacy parts won’t be available.

Please contact GUNSTRUCTION customer support to address this. We will provide an unlock code for iOS or refund your previous Android purchase to offset the cost of the new in-app purchase.

Message us on the GUNSTRUCTION Facebook page or email for more info.

Feel free to message us on Facebook or send an email to