v7.15 iOS Crash Fix

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We recently released version 7.15 of GUNSTRUCTION, and while this patch didn’t offer any new functionality, it fixed some back end issues and laid the groundwork for some upcoming features. However, if you updated from 7.1 on a newer iOS device, you may be experiencing a crash when you try and enter into a weapon platform from the main menu.

We have isolated this to an issue with cached assets on the device that are lingering, and that are using an older shader version which is incompatible with the new build. You may see a pink room load briefly, or nothing at all with the bug.

The good news is the fix is quite simple, as all you need to do is DELETE the app from your device, and then re download it from the app store. This will nuke any cached asset that may be causing the crash.

We apologize for the issue, and if you need any further assistance, please message us on our Facebook page.

Or e mail us at: info@gunstruction.net

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